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July 11, 2009

Sometimes people just keep on training whatever and forgets the reason or the motivation for doing it in the first place. Some things are just basics that needs to be done but you can still do it more challenging and so on. Even for training solo it’s still important to do an inventory for your personal objectives. Where am I heading and why? What’s my next step to accomplish that and what can I do by myself?

This might sound very obvious but I have seen it over and over again. I’m feeling bored with my training right now, I’m not sure of my progression, I lack motivation and so on. Most of the time when I ask them what their main objectives and goals are in training they can’t answer. Or if they answer it’s very unspecific which is a killer for all goals because you will never feel like you have reached it.

So your next step should be to define your main objectives “WHAT”. Is it to win a competition, defend against multiple oponents or just be the fastest guy in the gym. Whatever objective you came up with (there’s no right or wrong), next step in the process is to answer the question “WHY”. Why do you want to accomplish that, whats the reason for it? The more answer to that question the better because that’s what going to motivate you when you face resistance. The last step in the process is to figure out the different steps to reach the goal “HOW”. Make the first step easy to reach, then the next a little bit harder and so on until you reach your main goal.

  • WHAT
  • WHY
  • HOW


WELCOME to your personal FMA-coach

July 10, 2009

FMAtraining will be a blog about Kali, Arnis & Eskrima training, no matter of style or who is what. Anyone who’s interested of different training methods to improve skills, tools and attributes for all styles of FMA are welcome to send questions and suggestions.

I will share my different experiences and answer questions about specific topics. The first Topic will be “SOLO TRAINING”.  I got so many questions about it over and over again on my seminars and regular classes. Everything from adding extra training to regular class to specific skills or the lack of a training partner. Personally I have spent endless hours of solo training during the years and there’s so many aspects you can implement into this theme.

Here’s a few examples I will cover under this theme.

  • Exercises
  • Skills
  • Equipment
  • Discipline
  • Workout routines
  • Mindset
  • Consistency

Please feel free to send questions about SOLO TRAINING.   I will answer and share it with all visitors to the blog.

Hello world!

July 6, 2009

Welcome to This is the first post just to celebrate the beginning.